DSLR Camera Sensor Cleaning

Do your photographs have nagging black spots that appear in the same place in every image? Your sensor may be as dirty as the images to the right. If so, you need to have a DSLR Camera Sensor Cleaning.

As professional photographers ourselves we understand the necessity of keeping our gear clean, and a clean camera sensor is most important.

We are the only year round provider of professional, experienced DSLR sensor cleaning in the Naples, Marco, Ft. Myers area. You now have the convenience of having your camera cleaned without having to ship it away, we even offer same day service.

We’ve cleaned hundreds of DSLR sensors in all makes and models including Nikon, Canon, Sony, Leica, Fuji and more. With this level of experience you can rest assured your camera will be carefully maintained, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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*Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the results we will perform the service again at no charge or your money back.






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Our DSLR Sensor Cleaning Process Explained

The first step in the DSLR Sensor Cleaning process is to inspect the sensor and evaluate the amount of dust, spots, smears, lint, oil, etc. is on the sensor. (We are not actually inspecting or cleaning the sensor itself. There is a glass filter, similar to a lens filter, which the manufacturer has installed over the sensor). From this image we can determine where the spots are located and how dirty the sensor actually is. This step is offered at no charge so you can decide whether or not a DSLR Sensor Cleaning is required. We also use these results to determine if the sensor has been previously damaged. If damage is discovered we will not proceed with cleaning the sensor and suggest you send your camera body out for factory repair. We will also determine if a wet cleaning will be necessary for best results.

Should you proceed with cleaning we will provide you with “Before and After” images of your sensor.

The Dry Method Clean is just that. We will clean your sensor to the best of our ability using only lightly blown air and an electrostatic charged soft bristle brush. If necessary we will further attempt to get the more stubborn dust using a magnifying loupe and a device similar to a lens pen. This method is often all that is necessary to restore your sensor to a pristine condition. It is also minimally invasive and least likely to damage the sensor.
A wet method clean is necessary when we encounter “welded” dust, smears, water spots or oil spots. These types of grime can only be removed using a swab and a cleaning agent. While this method could result in damage to the filter if not carried out properly it is not likely. To comfort you we use products guaranteed by the manufacturer to not damage the sensor when used as recommended. Should damage occur using their products as recommended they will repair your camera sensor at no cost to you.
No camera manufacturer recommends touching the sensor in any way. Most warranties are very specific in this regard. While it is a remote possibility that your sensor could be damaged by cleaning, it is not likely. If you have any concerns as to whether this type of cleaning voids your warranty please contact your manufacturer. When you drop your camera off for sensor cleaning you will be asked to sign a limited liability waiver releasing StillMotion Studios from responsibility should any damage occur. While we are very careful we do not know the condition of your camera body, its age and type of use. It may have been dropped or otherwise used in such a way as to cause the sensor filter to become susceptible to leaks or other damage.

Furthermore we cannot guarantee that the sensor will become 100% clean. There are circumstances where attempting to remove the most stubborn welded on dust may result in damage to the sensor. If this is the case we will clean the sensor to the best of our ability.

According to a recent report camera manufacturers differ in their sensor cleaning methods. Only Kodak, Leica and Fuji support the consumer in using the same method that they themselves use for cleaning the low pass filter. All the other manufacturers only support the non-physical contact use of a hand blower. If Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax or Sigma, can tell that you have touched the low pass filter, this may void your warranty. On the other hand, Photographic Solutions Inc., guarantees that you won’t damage your camera, if you use their Sensor Swabs™ and Eclipse™. The manufacturers in-house methods are as follows*:

  • Canon – Blower and a Kimwipe, held by tweezers. They do not like to use fluid but when necessary they use either 90% isopropyl alcohol or a 50/50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and Windex.
  • Fuji – Photographic Solutions Sensor Swabs™ and Eclipse™
  • Kodak – Photographic Solutions Sensor Swabs™ and Eclipse™
  • Leica – Photographic Solutions Sensor Swabs™ and Eclipse™
  • Nikon – A commercial grade lens tissue wrapped around a chopstick style piece of wood with medical grade methanol. Several forums have posts where readers have been to Nikon Service outside the USA and reported seeing the technicians using Sensors Swabs and Eclipse.
  • Olympus – A Kimwipe held by tweezers and Olympus Proprietary Solution (dries quickly without streaks and is bio-degradable).
  • Pentax – A special lint free cloth (provided from Japan) folded into a small square and held with a pair of tweezers as a swab moistened with a freon derivative.
  • Sigma – Uses a special vacuum cleaner that was provided by Japan.
  • Sony – Uses Sensor Swabs™ and Eclipse™ by Photographic Solutions.

*Courtesy of cleaningdigitalcameras.com

Please bring your camera body with a prime or telephoto lens capable of a focal length of between 85 to 135mm. It is REQUIRED that you leave the camera with a fully charged battery and a compact flash/sd card which has been formatted and contains no images. The cleaning will not proceed without a fully charged battery.

Full payment is due when you make your reservation or when dropping off your camera for cleaning.


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