DIY Canvas Backdrop

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I’m obsessed with Oliphant backdrops ( Gorgeous and uber expensive.

I spent a lot of time researching their technique, and of course the internet isn’t talking. Having pieced together all the clues I could find I decided to take a throw at painting a canvas backdrop.

At StillMotion Studios we are renowned for having the best shooting sets in the region. Of course, sometimes white just isn’t going to cut it, readily available muslins are passe’ and seamless is everybody’s go to.

What’s left is canvas. Since we want to provide the best possible shooting environment in SWFL I took a throw at painting one. Mind you, it may come as no surprise that I was selected to paint the cupcake sale posters in 4th grade, so I am totally qualified to do this.

I ordered a length of 8’x12′ primed #12 artist canvas and set to work. The video opens with the result of the first attempt, which I painted over.

The result is not too bad, though nowhere close to what I was going for. I did succeed in creating vertical striations which was a goal. It shoots really well, lots of texture.

Check out the quick video time lapse of the effort…

DSLR Sensor Cleaning Naples Florida

New! DSLR Sensor Cleaning Now Available Locally

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The equipment division of StillMotion Studios in Naples, FLA is now offering expert DSLR Sensor Cleaning right here in Naples. No more need to send your camera out for cleaning. 24 hour turnaround or same day service available. If your images have spots in all the same place then you likely have a dirty sensor. Our careful, expert process will rid your camera of those nagging spots.

Click the link below for complete information, rates, and reservations for a FREE evaluation of your sensor condition. Cleanings are by appointment only.

Click here for details and pricing!
Or call 239-206-3459.

Children's Photography Training

Studio Lighting & DSLR Training For Kids


We had a Funday Monday at the studio. A couple of girls dropped in for a two hour train and shoot session.

They had a lot of fun posing and taking photos of each other in several of our studio sets. What a great way to get out of the rain!

They each left with a CD containing over 150 images they took.

If you are a parent interested in introducing your children 10 & up to studio photography leave a comment here or email to indicate interest. If we see a need we may run a few more of these classes this summer.

These girls had “Tons of Fun”…